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Welcome To The 20th Century

Analogopolis: "The City That Forgot About Digital"

Well, almost. More like one man's curated collection of creations and curiosities from the last 100 years.
A celebration of achievements in the technology of music, motion pictures, and interactive entertainment featuring vinyl records, retro video games, vintage computing, film and video.
Analogopolis is a place you can visit to see restored, functional antique technology while browsing a unique selection of new and vintage items in a fun and unpretentious atmosphere. It's like a museum that is surrounded by a gift shop.
Our owner/operator/curator/restorer/researcher/webmaster/window washer Tom is more than happy to talk your ear off about all things "retro tech," if you're willing to listen.
With over 15 years of experience in motion picture exhibition, 25 years of record collecting, and 30 years working on vintage computers (back then, they were just called computers) Tom is extremely passionate about sharing his enthusiasm for the physical media universe.

Overview of the store
What makes us so special

We're very... Clean...

Here at Analogopolis, we take great pride in cleaning, inspecting, and grading each piece of pre-owned media that we sell. All of our pre-owned records are ultrasonically cleaned and visually inspected. Game cartridges have all of their contacts cleaned and are play-tested. Plus, every pre-owned item carries a 14-day return policy if defective.

Ultrasonically Cleaned Pre-Owned Records

All of the pre-owned records in our general inventory are cleaned in a 3-step ultrasonic process and placed in a new, anti-static inner sleeve. This procedure removes microscopic dirt from within the grooves of the record that causes most of the crackles, pops, and background noise. Thanks to this exceptional technique, we just might have "The Cleanest Used Records In Florda!"
The outer covers are then carefully wiped clean with a method that has been proven safe on over 5,000 albums and placed in a "Crystal Clear" resealable protective plastic sleeve to protect them from moisture and wear/rubbing.

Ultrasonic record cleaning machine

Cleaned And Tested Retro Video Games

Fact: Blowing on a game cartridge doesn't make it magically work. That's why we fully clean all of the contacts, pin by pin, on all of our pre-owned game cartridges. Then we test them on a real authentic original console to ensure they work properly, and place them in a protective plastic sleeve.

We also sell Retro Video Game Tool Kits complete with screwdrivers, bits, and a
Contact Cleaning Eraser so you can clean and repair your own games, too.

Cartridge contact cleaning in progress

Vintage Computer Restoration

As far as I know, we are the only shop in the Palm Beach area with a section devoted to the history of the home computer. While it's still quite small at the moment, we plan to expand this area greatly with the resurgence of DOS-based gaming on period-correct hardware. In the meantime, come check out a fully restored Packard Bell P-75 running Windows 3.11 on all original hardware! We are currently looking for vintage computers & parts, contact us.

Vintage computer on display
How to get to Analogopolis

Over the River and Through the Woods

Well, more like Over the Intracoastal and Through the Palm Trees... We are located in the Plaza La Mer shopping center at the corner of Donald Ross Road and US-1 in Juno Beach. Our address is: 829 Donald Ross Road.
From I-95, take the Donald Ross Road exit (#83) and head East for about 3 miles, cross the bridge, and the shopping center entrance will be on your left (with the Dunkin Donuts). We are unit number 829 on the North side of the plaza, next to Native Yoga Center.
From US-1, if you are coming from the North, the plaza entrance is just before Donald Ross Road on the right (with the Trustco Bank on the corner.) If you are coming from the South, the plaza entrance will be just AFTER Donald Ross Road, and will be on your Left.
Click on the Map for a link to Google Maps for full directions from your location.
(The link takes you to Google's site and opens in a new tab or window)

Social Media Connections

See? We can do Digital too!

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(Please be advised, we use Social Media primarily as a way to post information, NOT as a communications tool. If you send us a message, we may not see it for several days. The best way to contact us is still old-school: Call our store during business hours and we'll be happy to help.)

The ImagiNation Network was the first ever Social Network devoted to games, beginning in 1992 as The Sierra Network. Click on the Vintage Computing icon above to learn more, and how to log on to a re-creation of the network on your modern PC!

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