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IBM-PC (DOS and Windows)

Experience the era when home computers first began to take flight into the mainstream and become a part of our daily lives.
On display in our functioning museum we have a restored Packard Bell Intel Pentium-75 from 1995, with a few add-ons including a 750mb ZIP drive and a slot-load 5.25" disk drive (which did not originally come installed in this model.)

Currently running MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11, we've installed the Windows Entertainment Pack(s) as well as a few of our favorite games from Sierra On-Line to demonstrate this machine's place in history (and to have fun with it, too!)

Packard Bell Pentium Computer on display



The ImagiNation Network

The World's First Online Social/Games Network

Sierra On-Line was a trailblazer when it came to PC Gaming in the 1990s, and The Sierra Network was no different. It allowed users from all over the country to dial-in to a network and play games in a full graphical environment. Ken Williams, founder and CEO of Sierra, still regards The Sierra Network as his proudest accompishment.

Later re-named The ImagiNation Network, it was eventually sold to AT&T. As the internet evolved and MMORPG games became more advanced, The ImagiNation Network with its quaint yet adorable graphics and lack of access to the World Wide Web quietly faded away. Until Now.

ImagiNation Summer Map

INN Barn: The Re-Creation of ImagiNation!

INN Barn is the ImagiNation Network 2.4 in all its glory. It has been running since May of 2019 and was created by James "Jim" Leiterman designed to restore some of the functionality of the former banks of DOS servers.

Utilizing the DosBox emulator and a special proxy (links below), you can now experience most of The ImagiNation Network on today's modern day computers via the internet.

ImagiNation! Logo

Links and Downloads

The following pages provide the latest information and support documents to guide you through the setup process.
These links will take you outside of Analogopolis, and will open in a new tab or window.

INN Barn Homepage

The official page of INN Barn including setup information, download links, troubleshooting, and the history of the project. Special thanks to Jim Leiterman and Nick Leiterman!

***Please Note that Windows 10 and/or your Antivirus software may detect and assume that INNBarn is a virus. It's not. It is a 25 year old app that modern securety software doesn't know about.***

The Sierra Help Pages

The Sierra Help Pages contains the download of the INN Barn Setup installer as well as some information about the original network and the revivals. Special thanks to Andrew Branscom!

Backgammon Game on ImagiNation!


External Links

This area is still a work in progress. Here we will have a list of links to other valuable and informative sites about vintage computing.



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