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Experience Video Game History!

Currently on display we have an original 1st Generation Nintendo Entertainment System, a 2nd Generation Sega Genesis, and an Atari 400 Video Computer.
Currently under restoration are a Sears TeleGames Edition Atari 2600 and an RCA Studio II.
Our restored game systems are hooked up to "period-correct" CRT televisions and are fully interactive! Come visit us to see and experience them in person.

Retro game systems on display
Games For Sale

Retro Video Games For Sale

We currently have Atari 2600, NES, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 games available for sale.
This is a PARTIAL LIST of what we have available. Not all of our games are individually listed, so please
call or come in to our store to see if we have what you're looking for.

System Title Notes New or Used Price
Nintendo NES Bases Loaded PRE / OWNED $5.00
Nintendo NES Bases Loaded 2 PRE / OWNED $5.00
Nintendo NES Bases Loaded 3 PRE / OWNED $9.50
Nintendo NES California Games "B" Condition PRE / OWNED $7.50
Nintendo NES Faxanadu PRE / OWNED $14.50
Nintendo NES Golgo 13 PRE / OWNED $9.50
Nintendo NES Hunt For Red October, The PRE / OWNED $9.50
Nintendo NES Ice Hockey. PRE / OWNED $9.50
Nintendo NES Karate Champ PRE / OWNED $7.50
Nintendo NES Kings Of The Beach PRE / OWNED $7.50
Nintendo NES Low G Man PRE / OWNED $12.75
Nintendo NES Milon's Secret Castle PRE / OWNED $9.50
Nintendo NES Operation Wolf PRE / OWNED $9.50
Nintendo NES Pinball Quest PRE / OWNED $12.75
Nintendo NES RoboWarrior "C" Condition PRE / OWNED $7.50
Nintendo NES Silent Service PRE / OWNED $7.50
Nintendo NES Superspike V Ball/World Cup PRE / OWNED $7.50
Nintendo NES T&C Surf Designs "B" Condition PRE / OWNED $9.50
Nintendo NES Total Recall PRE / OWNED $9.50
Nintendo NES Ultimate Basketball PRE / OWNED $7.50
Nintendo NES Winter Games by Epyx PRE / OWNED $9.50
Nintendo NES World Games PRE / OWNED $9.50
PlayStation 3 3D Dot Game Heroes PRE / OWNED $49.75
PlayStation 3 Alpha Protocol PRE / OWNED $14.75
PlayStation 3 Bioshock 2 DISC ONLY PRE / OWNED $5.00
PlayStation 3 Bioshock Infinite PRE / OWNED $9.75
PlayStation 3 Dead Space (Greatest Hits) PRE / OWNED $24.75
PlayStation 3 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim WITH MAP PRE / OWNED $26.75
PlayStation 3 Enemy Territory: Quake Wars PRE / OWNED $12.75
PlayStation 3 Fallout 3 (Game of the Year Ed... PRE / OWNED $19.50
PlayStation 3 Fallout New Vegas PRE / OWNED $14.75
PlayStation 3 God Of War Collection PRE / OWNED $19.50
PlayStation 3 Grand Theft Auto IV (Greatest Hits NO MAP PRE / OWNED $14.75
PlayStation 3 L.A. Noire PRE / OWNED $12.75
PlayStation 3 Little Big Planet (Game of the year PRE / OWNED $9.75
PlayStation 3 Mirror's Edge PRE / OWNED $14.75
PlayStation 3 Portal 2 PRE / OWNED $19.50
PlayStation 3 Rage Anarchy Edition PRE / OWNED $14.75
PlayStation 3 Syndicate PRE / OWNED $14.75
PlayStation 3 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception PRE / OWNED $14.75
PlayStation 3 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Gre... PRE / OWNED $14.75
PlayStation 3 You Don't Know Jack PRE / OWNED $9.75


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